If beside the enjoyment in natural and other wealth of the island Murter You would also like to visit and explore the famous national parks and other natural highlights of this region, You have a choice of many excursions as follows:

Kornati National Park

The Murter area of Municipality. The most indented archipelago on the entire Mediter-ranean Sea. It consists of approximately 140 unsettled islands, islets and reefs with a total surface of approximately 70 m2. In the nearest neighbourhood of the National Park Kornati there is another Croatian pearl – the Telaščica Nature Park located at the neighbouring Dugi Otok (Long Island) which encompasses wide and deep samenamed bay. The Kornati Islands are characteristic for their divergently shaped, bizarre and unusual relief structures and also for their high and steep sea banks.

Krka National Park 

The Krka River is a magnificant river of the Croatian karst region. The distance from the hotel is approximately 40 km. The National Park Krka is famous fot its numerous waterfalls which are like Plitvice Lakes incurred by sedimen-tation of a specific kind of limestone. The National park comprises the biggest part of the river flow from the historical town Knin not far from the river spring till Skradin, where the river bed starts to change into a long and deep sea bay. The river partly flows through the deep canyons that are ravined in karst plateaus and create many lakes and on the first place two biggest and the most beautiful waterfalls: Skradin Buk and Roški Slap. The small island Visovac with its Franciscan abbey is another highlight on the Krka River.

Zrmanja River
and Krupa River

The rivers Zrmanja and Krupa are considered the most beautiful rivers in Europe because of their cleanliness, warm water, spectacular canyons and waterfalls. However, the river placed between Kaštel Žegarski and Muškovac has a short flow, but big downfall and significantly water power.  Here is the river bed over and over discontinued by barriers of icicles and behind of them there are lakes in which warm water you can swim. In the river Zrmanja live trouts and on the area around the delta crabs, shells and oysters. Beside these excursions there is a possibility to visit also the rural households in the Šibenik and Zadar hinterland.

Plitvice Lakes
National Park 

The Plitvice Lakes are placed between the mountains Mala Kapela and Plješivica in Lika approximately 160 km from the hotel. The Plitvice Lakes has been declared the National park already in 1949 and in 1973 the UNESCO has declared them as the World’s natural inheritance.

The main attraction in this unique park on the world are 16 small lakes connected with waterfalls. The lakes are incurred by sedimentation of the specific kind of limestone.

The park encompasses the spring of the river Korana and it is surrounded by dense beech, fir tree and juniper woods. Besides the lakes and woods the park is decorated by many caves, the river springs and floral meadows. Among many rare animal species which are here at home the most famous is the brown bear.

Paklenica National Park 

The National Park Paklenica is situated on the southern part of the Mt.Velebit. The distance from the hotel is approximately 80 km. It consists of two creeks: Mala and Velika Paklenica (the Small and Large Paklenica). The National park area is rich with the different relief forms like caves and Anica Kuk and number of flora and fauna species.

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